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5-Axis J500/5X

Japanese made 5-Axis Mazak Variaxis J-500/5X, capable of simultaneously machining in all 5 axes. Positioning accuracy of .00001", Renishaw CMM style probe with Inspection Plus software. Thru spindle coolant. If you'd like to see some of its capabilities please watch this short video.
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American made CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC) Haas VF2SS. Table size 30" x 16", 12,000 RPM and at 1,400 IPM. 4th axis rotary table (not shown here).

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Matsuura RA-IG

Matsuura RA-IG is Japanese made VMC designed for accuracy and rigidity. This CNC is perfect for machining steel and titanium. The pallet changer allows us to run various jobs simultaneously.

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No need to adjust your monitor and no, you're not seeing double. These twin Matsuura MC-510VGs may look identical but have their own, different personalities. Similar to the RA-IG these machines are ideal for machining ferrous materials.

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The Nakamura-Tome is a Japanese brand known for its precision and reliability. Our TMC-300c is no different. This lathe is capable of turning parts as large as 300mm or 12" diameter.

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CNC Production Equipment List:

  • Mazak J-500/5X 5-axis 10,000 RPM, thru spindle coolant
  • Matsuura RA-IG pallet changer, 8,000 RPM, travel: X – 20” x Y – 16”
  • Feeler VMP-580 10,000 RPM, travel: X – 23” x Y – 16” #2
  • Kitamura Mycenter 4, travel: X – 42” x Y – 22”
  • Haas VF2-SS 12,000 RPM, travel: X – 20” x Y – 16”, 1,400 IPM

Machine Shop Support Equipment

  • Sharp Manual Mill with Digital Readout
  • Hardinge Toolroom Lathe, Digital Readout, English and Metric Threading
  • Taft-Peirce Surface Grinder
  • Amada H250 Programmable Horizontal Band Saw, Power Feed, Part Counter
  • Startrite Vertical Band Saw
  • Burr-Bench Tumbler
  • Branson 2510 Ultrasonic Part Cleaner

Inspection Equipment

  • ZEISS Eclipse 550 Direct XXT TL3 CMM
  • 18” Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge, Resolution 0.0005”
  • Mitutoyo Digital Drop Gauge, Resolution 0.0005”
  • Mitutoyo Digital Drop Gauge, Resolution 0.0001”
  • 24” Mitutoyo Digital Caliper, Resolution 0.0005”
  • Mitutoyo Bore Gauges, Resolution 0.0001”
  • Brown & Sharpe Micromaster Intrimik Digital Inside Micrometer, accuracy +/-0.00016″
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer Set, Accuracy 0.0001”, Ranges: 0″-1″, to 5″-6″
  • .011″-.750″ Gauge Pins – Minus Tolerance, Plus Tolerance


The Zeiss Eclipse Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is what ensures our accuracy. This state of the art equipment reduces our inspection time and reduces the cost of your products. This programmable CNC CMM features a VAST-XXT scanning probe that records thousands of points along its path to increase dimensional and form accuracy. Accuracy 0.0000276″, Repeatability 0.000078″. A CMM machine is an essential tool in a modern machine shop inspection department.

haightgaugeMitutoyo is a Japanese, world’s largest manufacturer of the most advanced and sophisticated metrology equipment. Its state-of-the-art precision measuring instruments are reliable quality assurance tools in our day to day inspection applications.

dropdownThose include digital height gauge resolution 0.0005″, Digital drop gauges resolution 0.0005″ and 0.0001″ Micrometers ranging from 0-1.000″ to 5.0″-6.0″, thread micrometers, blade micrometers, flange micrometer and a wide range of digital and dial calipers.

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